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NOVEDADES 25/09/2019

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Ya estan en la calle las nuevas ediciones / New releases are out;


Finally after their incredible demo tape released in 2012 and 7″ and split 7″ with Disparo in 2014…5 fucking years after we are proud to announce their first LP and soon to become a masterpiece of the new sound of EI!. 11 tracks where they put on a side their more melodic streetpunk sound of the first recordings and hitting with a better recording and mastering they arrive more deep into the classic oi! british sound a la Cockney Rejects and classic 90s OI! bands from Barcelona but still taking the roots in the PUNK sound of the streets. In my opinion is a perfect record with strong bass lines, good guitar compositions and solos, amazing intense druming and great street lyrics singing on spanish and catalan. Record comes in 180gr black vinyl with printed cardboard inlay and rough side printed cover. 520 copy pressed.

DE #73 MARMOL “sokatira” 7″

Back in town the mastertrio of one of the most lovely people in my hometown Bilbao. MARMOL is a 3-piece anarchopostpunk band that some back with their first 7″ after theis demo, split tape with Crvel and full lenght LP. Pop for punx is how they love to call it but for me is much more. The strong dark bass lines make the base of the melodic guitars and non stop mid-tempo drum set. Dark sound wrapping intelligent anarchist lyrics that could sound like poetry made by a tormented mind privated of freedom. Record comes in closed folder with insert with lyrics. Folder artwork by Gonzalo de la Muerte.


Split 7″ again from Marmol from Bilbao and Nueva Generacion from Murcia. Both band adding 2 songs each for this really great 7″. Marmol by their side, still in their characteristic anarcho-postpunk but maybe in this recording you can get some taste of the spanish 80s punk in the darkest side. Less “post” and more punk on itself in my opinion taking to my head 80s punk bands from Andalucia like Kgb or Tnt. Nueva Generacion still making perfect their own sound of melodic and intense punk with great lyrics. Strong guitar melodies, full of treatable melodies and great voices. Could remenber to some k-town melodic punk bands as some dark 80s british punk bands as long as spanish bands like Warsong. Pure gold sound on this split 7″…I love it. Artwork made by Jenni comes in a close folder with insert with lyrics.

DE #75 D.H.K./B.E.T.O.E. “caminando sobre rvinas” split 7″

This piece of rawpunk is an old-known masterpiece for most of you. Releases originally as a split tape back in 2014 now comes to live again as a 7″ with one less song on each side. DHK from Lima (Peru) deliver 4 songs (3 own + Angry Mob cover) of pure raw and destructive D-BEAT RAWPUNK in the most extended way of bands like Destruccion, Sida, Discharge and rest of the masters of the genere. BETOE by their side with 4 own songs of pure raw and chaotic distorted D-BEAT punk at the most noisiest way of do it. Think on bands like Disclose, Shitlickers,… this split is pure raw distructive shit! New art work done by Gus, record comes in an open folder printed both sides with lyrics and also includes 2 “postcards” with the original tape .artwork

DE #76 VENGANZA “tu patria” LP

After a debut demo, split 12″ and 4 7″/split 7″ and compilation tape it was time for a longer record of this masters of raw politcal hardcore-punk. “Tu Patria” (“Your Homeland”) compiles 10 new tracks, one of them a cover song of the great DESERCION oi! band from Barcelona with the lyric changed in tribute to our friend Pablo Vaso (siempre a tope co!). This time the recording is more powerfull and complete due to some line-changes adding more details on the guitar riffs. Recorded on  Monegrian Wood and mastered by Brad Boatright on Audiosiege all records are powerfull and raw but with a cleaner sound than their past records but not loosing any little piece of their caracteristic rawness and political compromise with really critical lyrics with the state and (more important) our “insider” movement of squats, assamblies, etc… Great artwork with color jacket and insert with lyrics and a great collage. Very limited to 30h0 copy!!


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