NOVEDADES 22/11/17

Seguimos añadiendo poco a poco al bandcamp las ultimas novedades del sello. AUN para consultar el catalogo actualizado y al dia podeis ver el listado en DISCOGS hasta que podamos actualizar todo propiamente // We still upload slowly on the bandcamp of the label our latest release. STILL to check complete mailorder please check DISCOGS profile until we update properly.

Tenemos 4 nuevas EDICIONES en DISCOS ENFERMOS! / 4 new releases on DISCOS ENFERMOS

DE #60 SATELITE “demo” LP

12 “vinyl release of this PERFECT debut demo of the band SATELITE from Madrid. 9 songs that could not be limited to a cassette, too good, too original in the new POST-PUNK sound SATELITE is a POST-PUNK band that far from just playing dark sounds of the genre, based their sound in 80s punk, frenetic drum rhythms, hypnotic guitars and a enveloping bass sound, often reminiscent of the first years of PSYCHIC TV and really seems to be listening to a punk record performed by the young Genesis P-Orridge in its pre-acidhouse era. Raya’s voice ends up encumbering a masterpiece executed in 2016 and at your disposal on vinyl at the end of 2017. Remastered for the release on vinyl, printed and hand stamped labels, double-sided textured paper insert and fold-out cover screen-printed on rough cardboard, limited to 297 copies and released with our good friend NO THANX! REC.

DE #61 VENGANZA / DISPARO “split” 7″

As always … there is no disappointment with VENGANZA. And even less if they share a 7″ with a BAND with capital letters as DISPARO. Let’s start. VENGANZA from zaragoza, unstoppable in spitting rage, pain, reality and rawness in their lyrics and their 80s spanish punk-hardcore sound. Recording by recording, release after release, better if possible. In this recording they already touch what for me is the perfection of their sound. 2 new songs and 1 cover of DISPARO played in their own way. DISPARO from Valencia is one of those hidden gems of the spanish scene, their sound is an impressive mix of the k-town sound of bands like No Hope For The Kids in terms of the melodic and the OI! of the BLITZ in terms of anger, feeling and desire to burst everything when hearing it. 2 own songs and a cover of VENGANZA played in its own way. 6 songs in total to listen again and again without stopping. Hand-printed labels, double-sided insert with lyrics, etc … and silkscreen covers in rough and thick cardboard. Artwork by Letxon. Limited to 330 copies and edited with DISTRIBUIDORA SOROLL.


First LP after his demo of this new band born in Barcelona and with international components from bands like SECT, FAILURE, THE SHITTY LIMITS, … 11 punk songs very influenced by the British sound and the UK82 but in its more melodic aspect but equally aggressive and adding something more anarcho-peacepunk element especially for its more “tribal” battery bases. As if the CRASS, VICE SQUAD and THE EXPELLED merged into one band. Art by Nico the failure (guitarist of the band) and includes double-sided insert with letters in three different colors (yellow, red and blue)


Debut of this Mexican band that gathers influences of the 80s spanish punk in the wave of KGB and TNT and adding influences of the Mexican punk sound of yesteryear. The result is 10 simple, obscure and fucking punk songs for anyone who loves punk of the 80s. Limited to 100 copies released together with RIO DE LOS REMEDIOS REC.

OUT in end 2017 / beggining 2018

DE #64 PMS84 “demo 2016″ 7”
DE #65 PETITE “demo” 7″
DE #66 FLUKE 7″


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